Here comes the part in which I have to tell you more about myself. Well, since this is probably the most difficult article that has to be written on this website,  I successfully postponed it until today. Now that I have finished everything else that needed to be finished, I have no other choice but to write the About Me segment. So, without much further adue, here it is!

My name is Grace Peterson and I am a 24-year lady living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At the moment, I am living in a cozy little apartment with the love of my life – Iggy (short for Ignatius) and our dog Lancelot. I have a master’s degree in Political Science and am currently unemployed. That is basically the main reason why I came up with this website.

Before you start judging me because of my website’s name, I just want you to know that I JUST LOVE IT! And there is
nothing you can say that will make me think otherwise. Now that we got that out of the way, it is time to tell you a little more about the actual website.

about meAs you can see, this website is basically a blog. In the Blog section, you can already find a couple of posts; so far only 3. All of them are touching some of the most popular political topics that are circling around the internet (and all mass media) for the last couple of weeks. So, that’s basically all that I am going to write about – politics. So, if you don’t think my political views are any good, then I highly doubt you will have a fun time reading my blog. On the other hand, if you agree with my political views, I’m happy to have you as a visitor and please stay for as long as you’d like!