French Elections

French elections are getting closer. With some people claiming these elections are going to shape Europe over the next couple of years, the rest of the world is looking closely.

charlie hebdoFrance has been having a lot of problems for quite some time now. There were more than a few massive terrorist attacks recently so it’s safe to say that the entire country is in an alarmed state. Ever since the Charlie Hebdo attack, France has been rubbing the ground and constantly struggling with the potential terrorist attacks. Come to think of it, the entire Europe is in a sticky situation ever since the flock of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East started swarming in… European loose policies might end up hurting them in the long run. And if the excess of immigrants really does end up causing problems there, I fully support Trump (that’s the first and last time you’ll see that coming out of my keyboard) and his immigration policies.

apocalypseJust a couple of days ago, there was another terrorist which led to speculations that the French elections were to be postponed. In the end, the elections won’t be moved to another date and the first round will start as planned. While I won’t go into the discussion whether or not the French elections will shape up the entire Europe, I will say one thing – with Erdogan’s referendum in Turkey (the referendum granted him full power; Turkey is basically a dictatorship now), Putin’s indirect threats to both NATO and USA, Kim Jong Un’s official war announcement and Trump (yes, TRUMP doesn’t need to do anything in order to seem problematic), it seems as though the world is set for another major conflict. I just hope that these latter 4 (who are already being called the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse) will put their sheer stupidity aside and save us from the disaster that could unravel on the entire world if just one nuke goes off…


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