Is North Korea a Problem?

North Korea FlagLet’s take a couple of facts into consideration before going into an in-depth discussion! First of all, North Korea has always been a problem. Ever since they separated from South Korea, the entire world new that they’ll end up having big problems. As a matter of fact, North Korea is technically the only surviving true dictatorship with an unpredictable leader. Kim Jong Il was unpredictable too, but not nearly as much as his son, Kim Jong Un. It seems as though, with these new threats coming from Pyongyang, Kim Jong Un (Lil Kim from now on) is not joking.

Now, even though North Korea does not have the power to effectively defeat even their closest neighbors, South Korea, their leader might think otherwise. I’m sure you all know about the strict propaganda that’s going on in North Korea. Their leader feeds his people with false news, making them think North Korea is the biggest force in the world. With that being said, we are slowly coming to the real problem. You see, their propaganda (and the lack of connection with the rest of the world) might even lead Kim Jon Un to believe in his own fairy tales… as absurd as that might sound.

pyongyang north koreaEven though his country is among the poorest ones in the world, there is a small chance he could think otherwise. Perhaps he really is sure that North Korea is a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps that’s why he plans on using one of his nukes – to assert his strength to the rest of the world. Of course, that would leave him and pretty much everyone else in North Korea wiped completely off the map.

So, to summarize – North Korea now seems more dangerous than ever… So yeah, it can be considered a problem. Despite that, with the sheer technological power, the rest of the world has, it’s obvious that Lil Kim cannot do plenty of damage to anyone other than himself and his people.

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